My Therapies

Shiatsu massage focuses on meridian point (from Traditional Chinese Medicin) and gentle stretches to relieve chi stagnation and muscle soreness. It is profoundly relaxing and healing. Clients are fully clothed (wearing comfortable workout clothes and socks) lying on a padded mat.

Also provided fully clothed on a mat, Traditional Thai massage, which is sometimes referred to as "lazy man's yoga". It provides a combination of pressure points with stretching and is both relaxing and energizing.Clients often find a Thai massage to be meditatve yet invigorating.


A Reiki session involves working with the bio-magnetic field of the body and mind and consists of light, gentle touch. Reiki can be be directed and flow to any part of the body functioning at less than optimal energy level by sending healing to that particular part of the body as well as the system as a whole.


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